Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Bay Rap Mix

part 1 (vinyl)

part 2 (tape-only)

thanks to muthafuckin' chris cut & stones throw

Track List:
1. Rappin' Ron & Ant Diddley Dog / S.N.O.P intro
2. S.N.O.P. "Hello"
3. Morocco Moe "Task"
4. Deuce Is Wild "Now We Chillin' Cali"
5. APG "Action Packed Gangstas"
6. E-40 "Questions"
7. The Click "Let's Side"
8. Mac Dre "Young Black Brotha"
9. Too Short "Invasion of the Flat Booty Bitches"
10. 2wo Dominatorz "Kickin' It Live"
11. Hugh E MC & DJ X-1 "Gangsta-Matic"
12. Young Gee "Homicide Beyond Control / The Sick Side"
13. M.O.G. Murder One Gangster "Thang to Do"
14. Anything Goes "Ninety Two"
15. Totally Insane "The Backstreets"
16. Mac Mill skit

pt. 2

1. Lavish Style Hustlers Klan "Down Home / Pussy Hound"
2. Endangered Species "My Cuddies"
3.. Dawg Pak "Strugglin' (demo)"
4. Twon "Throwin' Them Thangs"
5. Shan Luv "? (demo)"
6. MC Jay & DJ Villian "Jay's Toss"
7. Morocco Moe "Bitch"
8. The Mac Interlude
9. Ken Phlow "Let The Games Begin (demo)"
10. APG "12 Man Rambo"
11. Mac Mill skit/outro


noz said...

"flat booty bitches" is on vinyl?!

12manrambo said...

ha ha, no. neither is the 2wo dominatorz immediately following it. i'm getting too lineant with the facts in my old age. YOU are sharper than cleats, tho.

MisfitMarx said...

O word you from the bay thats what popping I haven't been to the bay in a long time but I got to go back. Do you like rap battles?

Mr. Warmth said...

Hey can I get a tracklisting for this? Amazing mix.

Silverado said...

I would like to get copies of part 1 and part 2 Bay Rap Mix CD.How can a get my hands on one?I am a big fan of the Lavish Style Hustlers,Twon,and MC Jay and DJ Villian.Let me know.Thanks. :0)

Al Capone said...

Can anyone tell me the main sample from the Young G- 'Homicide Beyond Control' track? Who else used it?

Voiteque said...

bloody genius mix dude. cant stop listening. any gigs in london, uk????

Bumrush Pete said...

ayo, very very dope mix. nice tunes. giah.

Freestyle Fletcher said...

can somebody, anybody reupload these for me?

gtjunur said...

Seconded, would love to bump this mix.